Answers Of A Don't Wannabe Guru

  • Title:  Answers Of A Don't Wannabe Guru
  • Description:  Taken seriously, the information in this book will deliver to you any and everything that you desire. Wealth, health, a loving mate, fame, peace of mind, whatever you desire will be yours. This information has been held guarded in Secret Orders and Secret Societies for thousands of years. Ancient and controversial knowledge. This work reveals the secret of "The Secret", the foundation that supports the law of attraction. It also reveals the mental mechanism of manifesting the illusion of matter from thought, just as you are unconsciously doing right now. The book answers questions I've received from readers of my two previous books (Neophyte to AM and Maximum Meditation). The two previous books touched on perception and the mental nature of the Universe. This book is written to help readers sort out the implications of that information so that it can be truthfully applied going forward. Having answers does not mean that I want to be your Guru, hence the book title. I do want to help you, through my writing, to understand the process of having whatever you will.
  • Author:  One Iam
  • Keywords:  awakening, awareness, consciousness, Hermetic, Hermeticism, illumination, knowledge, meditation, mindfulness, mysticism, reality, Rosicrucian, spirituality, truth, yoga
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